When it comes to couple photos, golden hour is the perfect time to capture the love and connection between the couple. Madeline and Dylan's golden hour couple photos are SO PERFECT! The warm light of the setting sun not only added a romantic feel to the photos, but it also helped bring out the beauty and emotion in Madeline and Dylan's faces. This is why golden hour is the ideal time for couple photos – because it’s the perfect opportunity to capture a couple in a way that truly reflects their love. The beauty of golden hour couple photos doesn’t just stop at the couple. The surrounding scenery can be just as breathtaking. With the sun setting in the background, everything from fields of flowers to city skylines can be turned into a romantic work of art. So if you’re planning to take couple photos soon, I highly recommend considering golden hour.

I love capturing the love that Madeline and Dylan share. They were both so natural in front of the camera and ready for whatever poses I had in mind. You can see by the smiles on their faces just how happy these two are together and how in love they are. Keep scrolling to see all the stunning shots!

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Kind Words

"Oh my gosh, Taylor! I'm dying with every picture. I really love them. The photos talk by themselves!"

- Jennifer