How do I know what photographer to go with? Yup! This is the number one question we ask ourselves when looking to hire a photographer.

I’m first going to share with you my personal process and questions I asked myself when we were looking to hire a photographer for our elopement wedding day. First of course, we started searching online for a photographer in the area where we knew we wanted to get married. After googling and finding 4-5 elopement photographers in Telluride, Ouray, Montrose and other surrounding areas, we then pulled up their websites on different tabs. From there, I immediately read the About Me page on each of their websites. I didn’t even look at prices or their packages until first reading their About Me section. I was able to eliminate all of the photographers, except for two. From there I focused more on their portfolio, pricing, and went to their Instagrams. After all of that, my Husband and I ended up filling out the contact form on both of their websites.

Fast forward to our phone calls with each of the photographers. Keep in mind, their prices were about the same. BUT what made all the difference was that one photographer to us, was way more personable and we connected super easily. That’s NOT to say that the other photographer wasn’t kind or a good photographer… in fact… her pictures in her portfolio were AMAZINGGGGG! It’s just sometimes, ya connect with someone more than others, and that’s okay!

I share all of this because in my story and experience of finding a photographer to hire, these are the questions we asked ourselves?

1) Is this photographer located in the area where I am getting married or want to get married? (Something else to consider with this question is if they are not in the area, you will need to pay for their travel fees. I wasn’t thinking about this at that moment, but it’s worth noting here for you to keep in mind!) 

2) WHO IS THIS PERSON? Do I relate to them at all in their About Me section? What stands out? Is this someone I think I would love to work with or can I go ahead and scratch them off the list?

3) Can I afford this investment with this photographer?

4) Does this photographer make me feel seen and heard and can I trust them with such a special day? 

Your process of choosing and hiring a photographer may not look exactly like mine. The key point I hope you take away is that….. above all, you want to make sure you connect with and are comfortable with your photographer! They should become a friend leading up to your special day and someone you feel totally comfortable around on your wedding day! 

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