On the fence about engagement photos? Don’t think they are really worth it? Wondering what the benefits are to investing in an engagement session when you already are thinking about your wedding budget?

Let me tell ya, there are SEVERAL benefits to booking an engagement session with your wedding photographer. Literally. There’s nothing negative about it and you won’t ever regret having your engagement photos taken! Let me tell you why. 

1)  First things first! This gives you and your person-to-be a chance to actually work with your photographer before your MOST SPECIAL DAY! You get to interact with them, learn about their style, and get a feel for what it will look like on your wedding day as your photographer. Your photographer is one person you spend A LOT of time with on your wedding day and you are entrusting them with capturing all the special moments on the most important day of your life! Why wouldn’t you want to spend some time with them, in front of the camera, and see their work of YOU and YOUR PERSON?!

2) It’s more laid back! This gives you a chance for you and your fiancé to get used to being in front of the camera together without all the demands that sometimes come with your wedding day. To be honest, engagement sessions can be super free, fun, and intimate. You are not preoccupied with entertaining guests or anything else. It’s just you and your person and your photographer (hopefully me! :)). You also can get really creative with your session. Want to eat Chick-fi-la in your photos? DO IT! Want to have your session in the comfort of your own home? DO IT! Want to eat pizza for your shoot? (My Husband and I did this when we got married :)) DO IT!! 

3) Getting engaged is a super exciting time in your lives. Why wouldn’t you want to have that season documented? It’s the perfect time to capture new and professional photos together… because chances are you’ve never booked with a photographer as a couple before ooooorrrr it’s been a while! There’s no better way to share your love and excitement of your engagement as you prepare for your wedding and spending the rest of your lives together! 

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